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Top management accordingly, as Yap et al argue, need to demonstrate commitment and full support while new technology is being introduced. While many authors have addressed the role of IT in integrating processes within functions e. Several failure factors have been identified in the literature. Stanworth and Gray believe that informal controls can be more effective than formal controls under which the individual can escape attention when they are only one of a large number. The existing BPR jrp literature, which is oriented to applicability of various BPR in large elements firms, may not serve the needs of small firms Amba-Rao and Pendse, While the process focus dominates total quality re-engineering, a growing number of organisations see competence as the key to enduring performance and to making human resources most effective Kochanski and Ruse, Hambrick has examined how external changes such as changing customer needs and new technology affect a firm’s strategy.

It is in argued this study that SMEs may focus mainly on operational processes and target smaller scope and scale of business processesto re-engineer in order to minimise risks. This consistsof a questionnaire survey of Taiwan-basedSMEs, followed by case studies of eight chosenorganisations. These factors are surnmarised in Table 2. Barrier claims that BPR is also applicable to small businesses. A commodity might be conceptual e. Introducing new technologies without acquiring IS skills in SM[Es may result in excessive dependence on vendors and consultants Kaplan,

Their propositions centre around the concepts of knowledge management, employee empowerment, adoption of new IT, and a shared vision. Organisations have to increase flexibility in response to changing market conditions Kanter,while at the same time to increase effectiveness and quality in products and services Hammer, Besides, radical change and ‘clean state design’ are often constrained by the existing organisational structure politics, culture, and control and legacy systems old, typically mainframe-based systems Stoddard et al, Hence, by thess division of labour, BPR recasts work design from a ‘simple jobs, complex processes’ set-up to one focused on ‘complex jobs, simple processes’ Thompson, Finegold and Soskice note that SME managers tend to regard training as an operating expense rather than an investment.

The interpretations in this dissertation are the sole responsibility of the tentanv, and in no way represent the views of the participating organisations,nor of Warwick Business School. As a philosophy of science, positivism has been subject to criticism, from the interpretive perspective in particular.


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The actuality of BPR in times of economic downturn was evaluated. High Business scope redefinition c 0. The assembly line was created where workers did one small step from a very complex process.

thesis tentang bpr

Rather than breaking the business up into functions it as grows, Hammer and Champy recommend keeping the focus on processes and continual improvement of those processes. In SMEs, employees perform a larger variety of tasks than in large ones; this promotes empowerment and a better understanding of the work process Nathan, Please refer to the repository record for this item for information to help you to cite it.

The actual process redesign is a process of de- emphasising divisions, promoting functional integration Davenport and Short, ; Hammer and Champy, This can form an obstacle in undertaking BPR as re-engineering projects may involve expensive programmes such as skills training Hall et al, Comparison of the survey and the case studies findings Flirschheim argues that from Popper’s point of view, all social science might be considered pseudo science.

thesis tentang bpr

The use of cross- functional teams, also referred to as self-managed teams, empowered work groups, or self-directed work teams Orsburn et al,meansthat employees with different disciplines are brought together to ensure that the process is viewed and understood comprehensively Sellers, Institution archiving the thesis and making it accessible: This has led Tersine et al to proposeestablishing positive customer relationships in order to promote a customer-driven attitude in terms of service and responsiveness Jonesand Sasser, Comparison of process improvement, process redesign and business re-engineering from Recardo and Jones, Type of Initiatives Attributes Process Improvement Process Redesign BusinessRe-engineering Scope Activities within a process Core or support processes Core processesacross within or acrossfunctions functions and enterprise Approach Process automation; Processinnovation; Businesstransformation; Continuous improvement; Systemsintegration organisational change TQM Impact Low Moderate thezis high High Time Frame Less than I year I to 2 years years Risk Low Medium High While attempting to distinguish ‘business process re-engineering’ from other process improvement methods, some major concepts of BPR are being enlightened.


The stripping thesiss context in order to produce tentabg, reproducible results contributes to the ‘objectivity’ and ‘testability’ of social research Kauber, However, although many and rentang of to a particular study. Craig and Yetton, ; Levene and Braganza, ; Venkatraman, In addition, groupware incorporating elements of workflow and document image processing are regarded as critical IT technologies that are fundamental to the changed organisation Chita, ; Ellis et al, The absence of theory allows consulting companies to use old and familiar analytical tools and techniques and call these re-engineering Mumford, This has led many authors to postulate the value of aligning re-engineering efforts with business strategy in increasing the chance tentamg BPR success Luftman Davidson, ; Groverto that BPR et al, ; et al, and argue initiatives should tjesis place within a strategic business context Wastell et al, SMEs encourage team and cross-functional orientations – it is suggestedthat every small businessstarts as an empowered team Kinni, Results of the research may be used in companies of maturity level one thesix three, taking into account size of the company and current state of business process maturity.

They emphasise that the inconsistency of results between the initial quantitative analysis and the qualitative data require exploration. Business re-engineering while process focuses on the hpr level of an organisation.

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There have been four main stages concerning to the evolution of business management. Change is often described as either incremental or radical Kotler, However, BPR suffers from criticism, much of which is centred on what bppr differentiates BPR as a new management paradigm. While SMEEsface the same need for innovation if they are to remain competitive Carrier,Miller and Rice, emphasise the need for an open, organic thessi structure if innovation is to emerge.