• June 30, 2019

The Office of the Dean will be responsible for interpreting this policy, resolving disputes concerning its interpretation and application, and recommending changes to the Faculty from time to time. It also contains maps and has space put aside for future materials deposited by the university librarians relating to special collections and manuscript finding aids. The inetrface is in German. University of Debrecen Electronic Archive. The interface and contents is available in both English and French. The journals are back-issues of key journals in the field. Aletheia University Institutional Repository.

The types of items include journal and conference articles, theses and dissertations, and journals published by the institution. Acknowledgement in research work i include the paper. Brage HiM This site provides access to the research output of the institution. It is the unique digital repository in fetal medicine with real cases in ultrasound video with all descriptions about fetal pathology. These materials include theses, scholarly articles, conference presentations and University publications such as journals, calendars, newsletters, and public reports. Surrey Scholarship Online mainly contains peer-reviewed, published journal articles and conference papers.

It thus offers open access to medical articles that declsration high-ranking and peer-reviewed as well as the possibility to publish their research results online to all scientists in the field of medicine. Kokushikan Knowledge Integrated Service System.

The samples are prepared in powder form and KBr pellet technique. Agriculture Research Repository This repository is built with the intention of accumulating agriculture related research papers around the globe under one single umbrella.

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Chemical optimization of the compressive strength of aluminosilicate geopolymers synthesized by sodium silicate activation of metakaolinite. This includes peer-reviewed research, teaching and learning materials, graduate and undergraduate student research, and administrative items.


University of Georgia Electronic Theses and Dissertations.

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For those whose universities and organisations have an online repository, OpenDepot. Weakening of alkali-activated metakaolin during aging investigated by the molybdate method and infrared absorption spectroscopy. The CSIR, in South Africa, is one of the leading scientific and technology research, development and implementation organisations in Africa. Material in ARC showcases the University’s research, building a publications database and providing open access to full text where possible.

Mark Matthews Student Learning Development. Nagoya Institute of Technology Repository System This site provides access to the researc output of the institutions and its associations colleges.

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NMH – Brage This site provides access to the research output of the institution. E-Journals at Vanderbilt University info: It manages, preserves and publishes on-line academic digital works produced by the universiy along its declararion, including books, teaching resources, thesis and dissertations, among others. Determination of the bulk modulus of hydroxycancrinite, a possible zeolitic precursor in geopolymers, by high-pressure synchrotron X-ray diffraction.

The interface is available in Japanese or English. The conclusion is worth a lot of attention – and marks!

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Institute of Europe of Russian Academy of Sciences Cross disciplinary papers on Europe research socio-economic, politic, military and other aspects.

RUC A system that provides a stable and secure form for distribution and preservation of digital documents theesis by scientific and institutional activities at UDC. European Centre for Minority Issues. Ardabil University of Medical Sciences???? Here you can search or browse for journal papers, conference materials, theses and other research produced by authors at the University of Bath. The library comprises directly accessible text documents with uniimap capacity to hold other resources such as video and audio clips and pc and web interactive tools.


It should be noted that while the repository site lists many publications, a considerable number of these are actually stored externally to the university on the ARNO service. OhmDok This site provides access to the fprm publications of the institution.

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Hiroshima Association Repository Portal: Some items are only accessible to registered users. Mona Online Research Database This site provides access tot he output of the institution. The components of NPUST-IR provide special features including digitized academic publications, agriculture implements, wood collection, Hakka culture, insects, Zoology, Herbarium, the vogue and many other excitements.

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Turkish Librarianship strives to unite the various elements shared by libraries and their users, in Turkey and throughout the world, by emphasising the connections which exist between such institutions.

The interface in available in English, Chinese and Chinese simplified. Archivo Digital de la UPM. Mingdao University Institutional Repository????????