• July 1, 2019

You get to know all of your classmates and those in other grades! Diversity isn’t outstanding but the administration is making a huge effort to reach more prospective students of color. Furthermore, Townsend students are textbook definition of nice kids. More extra-curriculars and sports teams encourage students to be more involved in their schooling, and helps to improve grades in order to participate in these events. She would go immediately from volleyball practice to cheerleading practice several nights a week, and often go home covered in bruises from both sports. Grading Policy A department’s grading policy is the way in which the members of that department have chosen to weigh the different types of works that students do in their classrooms. The school has a rigorous challenging curriculum which is something you should want, you definitely learn how to manage your time and balance multiple assignments at once.

The community could use some work, and school spirit is not ideal, but because the school is small I look forward to seeing how Bard can cultivate a more connected community. Everyone was really respectful and friendly and promoted positive peer pressure, i. The teachers are incredible! Mathematical concepts are explored though students centered learning, with teachers who have both deep knowledge of their content as well real life experience in fields that require mathematical backgrounds. The best feature about the school is the fact that there is a very large variety of classes offered to take. However, there are no doubts that Goldstein has high potential to solve these problems in the future.

The homework load is quite extreme and it only piles on as you move up. It’s a breeze for me because I learned how to manage my time and write an effective essay in a night.

schuylerville middle school homework

The academics here are rigorous, but professors are more than willing to work with a student’s individual needs to help them take advantage of the school’s academic and communal resources. Grading policies are used across the board scnool all teachers in that department.


schuyylerville At Schuylerville we seek to offer students a variety of math courses to build both foundation knowledge, as well as interest. Analytic Geometry This elective course highlights a branch of mathematics, which uses algebraic equations to describe the size and position of geometry figures on a coordinate system.

schuylerville middle school homework

The schools has some really amazing teachers that have a reputation amongst the students for being great teachers in their subjects. More importantly, perhaps, he has fostered good and lasting friendships, and HSAS deserves credit for creating an atmosphere in which strong social bonds thrive.

The best feature about the school is the fact that there is a very large variety of classes offered to take. I mean, we aren’t rated third best in New York City for nothing! With permission from Mehan and cheerleading coach Katie Nusca, Drohobycky signed up for both varsity volleyball and cheerleading. Drohobycky is already looking beyond the fall athletic season. There is no other place like Lab.

Also, the small class sizes are critical for our son’s learning style. This school was definitely challenging, but these rigorous academics really prepared me for my college courses. Goldstein High School provided me with a fantastic academic education.

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She plans to continue cheerleading in the winter, is considering playing lacrosse in the spring and hopes to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in the fall with homewoork major in production management. In each subject, there are several A. But if you can manage you time efficiently and are dedicated to your schoolwork, then classes will be doable.

The professors there are so dedicated and you can tell they really love what they do and they bring that passion to the classroom every day.


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American University Preparatory School. Concepts presented in this course laid the foundation for modern mathematics as well as aided the development of calculus. However, there are no doubts that Goldstein has high potential to solve these problems in the future. I wish I could go to high school again! The school is smaller than many high schools in NYC and we have really strong academics that challenge students to do their best.

schuylerville middle school homework

The school offered a diverse variety of classes including Latin, Greek, and theater which are courses not common in other high schools.

Additionally, projects were also stacked on top of each other and due on the same day– talk about missing sleep! However, I think that Bard could work on their school safety. We were very careful in our search for an excellent school, particularly because our son had to commute a homrwork way to come to HSAS, but midvle are very happy that he’s had the high school experience that he has had here.

However, this all prepared me for college when I look back at it.

In general Millennium is not an easy school, you are constantly challenged and their are high exceptions set for each shcool. Students also get to choose their schedules rather than having uninteresting classes forced upon them. Perfect population size- close community, but you’re often meeting new people or getting closer to acquaintances.

Despite its vast investment in education, the school lacks funding therefore it cannot afford a large range of programs or clubs.

Art and PE departments could be improved.