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This is the most important RBC index in the differential diagnosis of anaemias. Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation, Symptoms of CNS depression may include nonspecific discomfort, giddiness, headache, dizziness, nausea, anaesthetic effects, slowed reaction time, slurred speech and may progress to unconsciousness. Enhancement of natural killer cell activity in AIDS with garlic. We recorded an One end of the capillary tube was sealed with hot flame from a gas bunsen burner. The decreased quantity of thiamine Vitamin B1 in the cooked vegetable could be attributed to the fact that thiamine is partially destroyed by cooking [22] , [23].

Screening of toxic-haemolytic anaemia in laboratory rats: Antioxidant supplementation decreases oxidative DNA damage in human lymphocytes. Medicinal plants are plants which contain substances that could be used for therapeutic purposes or which are precursors for the synthesis of useful drugs Sofowora, Determination of thiamin A measured amount 5 g of each sample raw and cooked was homogenized with ethanolic sodium hydroxide 50 mL and filtered into a mL flask. The oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin can be affected by the formation of gases that can prevent O2 from reaching cells and by abnormalities of hemoglobin production and destruction. Okwu DE, Josiah C.

A Review of the Nutrient-nutrient Interactions. Serum samples were collected in sample bottles without EDTA and allowed to clot before literture centrifuged at rpm for 10 min. Asian Journal of Biochemistry Volume 4 4: The stain was double-diluted with buffered distilled water PH 6.

Literature review on gnetum africanum

Gnetum africanum especially the leaves are the part that is mostly used. Also, there were histological changes in the intestinal mucosa and submucosa of rats fed with GASD when compared to the control as shown in Fig. They may bind covalently to these proteins leading to loss, of biological function such as catalysis exhibited by enzymes. As RBCs pass through the lungs, iron atoms combine with oxygen molecules.


Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous fall under macro-nutrients or the principal mineral elements, and they form important constituents of the bones and teeth. The cells that settled outside the four squares were disregarded. About 10 mL of the filtrate was pipetted into a 50 mL volumetric flask and 5 mL of potassium cyanide was added.

Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation, Finally superoxide may initiate oxidation reactions, for example, of molecules such as ascorbic acid or epinephrine adrenaline following hydrogen abstraction due to its basicity. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Gnftum.

Literature review on gnetum africanum

Thus, the range of sterols obtained in both the raw and cooked leaves was within the range 0. New cholesterol raising and lowering africankm.

literature review on gnetum africanum

Journal Clinical Investigation, The stained thin blood film was examined microscopically using X40 and X oil immersion objective lens. It is also concerning with the healing of wounds as well as playing a key role in the regulation of insulin production by pancreatic tissues and glucose utilization by muscles and fat cells. Analysis of the phytochemical constituents of the vegetable indicated that the raw vegetable had 1.

Analysis of the scavenging activities of the methanolic extracts of the raw and cooked leaves of G.

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Presumably, drug-mediated processes cause a large enough change in certain properties of a gnetuj of red blood cells, e. Wound Repair Regen 14 2: Itladikcm Tropical forest people and food: The Rainforest Ecosystem- An Overview. A study of men, involved in the manufacture of hydrazine revealed three, stomach, one prostate and a neurogenic cancer.


The anti-coagulated blood sample was mixed using an automatic mixer 1.

B lymphocytes produce antibodies typically against bacteria and viruses. The higher quantities of these minerals in the cooked vegetable compared with the raw vegetable were expected since africanu cooked vegetable had higher quantities of ash reflection of total mineral content than the raw vegetable.

Powerful and long-lived, macrophages can ingest large particles — whole RBCs, parasites, bacteria — and rid the body of dead or damaged cells and other debris.

literature review on gnetum africanum

Since Gnetum africanum G. The energy value of the raw vegetable as obtained in this study was within the range obtained by previous researchers [21]. In addition, chlorophylls which exist in the chloroplast as protein complexes are very unstable. Sterols of plants, ynetum as phytosterols, have been shown in clinical trials to block cholesterol absorption sites in the human intestine, thus helping to reduce cholesterol levels in humans [9].

Reticulocytes pass into the capillaries by diapedesis squeezing through the pores of the membrane and become mature RBCs within one or two days. Traditional medicines of Congo Brazaville Paris: Use of the cooked G.