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Below it was lush green, with some terrace cultivation and some forests, and above the lofty Himalayas, with snow peaks. Pindi point is one of the prime points to visit in Murree. The holdings are very small. And I start preparing for my school reopening. There were jumping castles and bouncy slides. Murree got the snow of season , get pictures and info.

Me, my brother and my Sister had a race with our horses. In recent years Bhurban and New Murree Patriata , have also developed as a tourist centre. It is understood that most people will be Pakistani. Magnificent views are to be obtained in the spring and autumn of the snow crowned mountains of Kashmir; and gorgeous sunset and cloud effects seen daily during the rains [July—August]. From Birangali one can either take a 13 kilometer track down to Azizabad on Nathiagali-Abbottabad road or take another clime to feet Thandiani top. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage.

The tourists including me got excited when rain water turned into snow and started to blanket the landscape.

essay on snowfall in murree

It is located at the doorsteps of feet Snowcall and feet Muskhpuri mountain. Last winter, with my family I had gone to Muree for holidays. The next day we discovered a Helipad and a mountain track. We went to every single mall in Bahrain. For the brewer of Murree Beer, see Murree Brewery.


MURREE – Queen of Hills

We had aur break fast with puri’s and daal. It sure is an unforgettable place to visit.

essay on snowfall in murree

Again a 4 kilometer long track which is laid on the pipeline supplying eszay from Dungagali to Murree. The hills were beautiful. All the surroundings were covered with blanket.

Essay on snowfall in urdu language – Google Docs

In the mountainous heights behind Dunga Gali, run-offs from natural springs and rain-water channels were engineered and networked to flow into this steel water storage tank. Snowfall season in murree Travel N Tours. Upper Topa and Lower Topa: It has a beautiful sight seeing. Then after a while we got tired so we went to have some tea, and pakora’s, because wnowfall was very cold.

First snowfall in Murree attracts tourists

We traveled around the hills but there nothing to be seen but snow everywhere. Its muree pain to get and out of Murree in those days; specially with all the snow on the roads and all the crazy gas pedal happy drivers from all parts of Pakistan.

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It is connected with Abbottabad on one hand and Murree and on wards to Islamabad onto the other with well constructed and beautifully laid highways. Spring in Murree starts nsowfall March and ends in middle of May.


I tried going to Nathiagali but turned back some 7km before reaching.

essay on snowfall in murree

Zainab Nasir January 11, at 9: Write an essay on “My Winter Holidays” Malka-e-Kohsar Murree is very attractive for the nature lovers. There were three cars in the journey.

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The beautiful weather turned more pleasant when Murree received its first winter rainfall. Murree and surrounding hills are covered with the pine trees.

This was a very Christian village and there were a lot of kids there and we were told to give the toys to these kids.

When we Got there, The snow had fallen on the ground, and it was so cold after a while i felt hungry so my father took us to a rest house. Festivity plans finalised for Murree — The Express Tribune”. Traditional clothing itemshead wear, carved walking sticks, jewelery items and leather goods are abundantly available.

And dont worry about cold as long as you are in muree. Another option is to hire summer houses.