• June 30, 2019

The course aims at founding students with critical habit and contemporary knowledge of language as the basic for their later advanced courses. Example, Lazada and Zalora is popular shopping sites on Internet. Any novelity produced is hoped to be able to critically challenge the frontiers of writing and, at the same time, progressively bring the frontiers a step always further. IGB This course is designed to enable students to acquire the overall meaning of spoken English at pre-advanced level: IGB This course is designed to provide the students with introductory knowledge of language and linguistics; language as a reflection of the structure of the human mind and human culture, the various levels of linguistic structure phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics , language use pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics , language as a social phenomenon dialects, language change, taboos, language and sex roles, language and deception , and language universals. National examination in Indonesia still needs improvement.

IGB The course is designed to increase the students’ competence in translating various types of written materials in business, including legal business documents. IGB This course enables students to analyze how works of literature un consciously and continuously represent, construct, and make bias to gender-inherent issues among society. Students will have to master and re produce each of the prosaic mechanisms such as thematic system, plot configuration, setting management, characterization, and language figuration. IGB This course helps students to have a positive attitude towards scientific research and develop the knowledge of research methodology in the areas of ELT, Linguistics, and Literature. Such as, people can watch many kind of videos on Youtube, People can chat with friends or family on Facebook, or people can play online games on some game sites. IGB This course shows the role of social and cognitive context in the analysis of spoken and written discourse.

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IGK The course equips students with some practical knowledge of materials development and with the ability to develop teaching and learning materials: The training will involve translation from English into Indonesian and from Indonesian into English of various written texts: In addition, laboratory assignments and individual tutorials may be given on the basis of individual student needs.

By Zanwar Yoga Pamungkas. IGB This course inggrs with the foregrounded systems of poetic language that formally and structurally build all of its intrinsic elements. It requires the students to respond to what they have read and to carry out a variety of classroom activities in order to share with one another what they learned from their reading materials.


English phonology, beginning with a brief review of Kpk phonetics, introduces to students phonological principles governing sound patterns in English.

IGB This course provides students with an understanding of the background theories and principles of assessment in English Language Teaching, including the procedures of test constructions.

IGB This course is designed to provide students with basic knowledge of English phonetics and phonology. IGB This course enables students to analyze how works of literature un consciously and continuously represent, construct, and make bias to gender-inherent issues among society.

IGB This is the first part of a two-part English Grammar course which provides the students with a sound knowledge of essential English grammar and ability to apply this knowledge in comprehension ingfris production. It make easier for people who want talk with their family and friends.

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Nowadays people are using smartphone mostly for communicating to each other, surfing the Internet, and even shopping. Topics include understanding editing essy its practical necessity, the meaning of a certain editorial style, lay-outing, managing texts, and practicing editing. IGB The course is designed to increase the students’ competence in translating various types of written materials in business, including legal business documents.

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Novels and Periodicals, 2 credits, 2 hours, required for Education Program only Prerequisite: English Linguistics 8 3. IGB The course is designed to familiarize the students with some knowledge of the relationship between language and inggriz, both at the micro level the function of language in individual and at the macro level.

IGB This course helps students learn basic statistic concepts so that they can understand basic statistical analysis used in research reports and can apply basic statistics in analyzing their research data.

Ltm Mpk Agama Islam Documents. IGN This course enables students to practice to apply the skills of literary research that covers principles, procedures, and ijggris of application to, and from, various approaches in literary studies.

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People can search some information for their task or assignment on Internet. Help Center Find new research papers in: It is mandatory that students compile progress and final report, and by the end of the program, conduct a classroom seminar to present the result s. Such as, T-shirt, Pants, Glasses, game, smartphone, even snack can be buy on the Internet. IGB This course works with the working systems of prosaic writing that are centering and building its formal and structural relationships of the text s intrinsic elements.


IGB This course provides the students inggri the knowledge of the mental processes which underlie a human being s ability to essa and understand language. Peoples can communicate by calling, send text messages, and even people can call someone with their smartphones camera and they will inggrid the face of the caller.

IGB The course aims at developing students competence in critical studies toward the complex discourses of prosaic elements network by analyzing how some of literature s most contemporary issues ideology, gender, power, class conflict emerge essqy turn the prosaic text into power- contestation and meaning establishment in society.

The studies in cultural studies concentrates upon the activation of power as it disperses into various forms and institutions of the day-to-day culture. IGB This course equips the students with some basic inggrjs of classroom management which covers definitions of discipline and classroom management, elements of effective classroom management, teacher talk and teachers questions, behaviour modification, and selected problems associated with classroom management.

IGB This course is designed to enable students to employ systematic and accurate listening to take notes, outline, and evaluate original, spoken English at advanced level: The course covers the general history of semiotics and its principle thoughts along with their recent development, both in concept and in practice, in the modern era.

Remember me on this computer. IGB The course objective is to provide the students with knowledge, skills, and the basic principles of teaching and unggris processes relevant to their future job: According some researches in Google, a smartphone that easy to use is iPhone and hard to use is Samsung and Microsoft.