• June 30, 2019

Obviously, these two gentlemen did not limit their correspondence entirely to birds so that your data-base proved very helpful for being able to read the odd fish names. Fish ailment Posted on: But i still cant find the english name for the norwegian fish “rognkjekse”, Jorgen www. There is an emphasis upon fish. My expertise is in the eastern Tropical Pacific, so this is an area I am not familiar with.

We have checked and cleaned the database, keeping all good postings and pictures. Grouper like fish Mycteroperca xenarcha Posted on: I appreciate you knowing where to orded or obtain the following book: Fish comes one at a time. Very occasionally I see one which is scopas in all respects except that it is bright yellow! It’s probably a Plesiopidae but what species.

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What is the proper amount and timing for feeding them? I’d appreciate it if anyone has any idea what this fish is, I’ve been searching the internet all day and unfortunately the zoo doesn’t have any sort of listing of its current animal population.

Wetland fishes of Uganda Posted on: New photos of trout Posted on: Any suggestions would be very helpful. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Please check, and revise. But none so far.


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I think it is from Hawaii. ID Fish in the Caribbean Posted on: Grouper like fish Mycteroperca xenarcha Posted on: Spotted at Sodwana Bay South Africa 2 weeks ago. Can bettas and Guppies live together? I might not be into pisciculturebut disseration love fish.

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Could someone tell me how to get to them again? I dont think it is white condigion as the spots are not dropping off and are not dispersed evenly along the body. The deepest living fish. Im pretty sure its some kind of catfish but cannot find the exact type.

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I’m just curious as to what it was as i have fished of the coast for years and never seen one. Do you know what fish this is? He looked more like a shark from the Scyliorhinidae Cat sharks family, though I don’t know if he actuall WAS a cat shark. Kind regards Carsten http: Any information évloution I could get is always usefull. Please visit our website at www.


dissertation évolution de la condition potestative

We would appreciate hearing from someone who might have a suggestion about where to go. It is possible that it might be a fish disease or something. I was wondering if it would be okay to put another fish in with the betta. Any idea what it is? Is it ammonia, uric acid or urea?

dissertation évolution de la condition potestative

I have found pictures but no description or commentary. Length Frequency Data Posted on: This is a wonderful page and very informative.

Commercial definitions for frozen fish Posted on: Can anyone give me information on its presence here? I made convition of them. Anything will be useful. Black Sea Fishes Posted on: