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The scope, relevance and importance of intrapreneurship with focused case studies on Indian Companies, Kushal Kr Das, Association of Breast Surgeons of India 5. Letters to the Editor in peer reviewed journals: Econ F New Venture Creation. International Journal of Dermatology 2. Cancer Care Focus under Forty: Jejunal intussusception as an unusual cause of abdominal pain in adults.

Feasibility and safety of a new robotic thyroidectomy through a gasless, transaxillary single-incision approach. The objective of the program is to strengthen the start up ecosystem in the university. The Internet Journal of Neurosurgery ;4: World J Gastroenterol ; Supply Chain Management, a case study of Yash Sharma , The scope, relevance and importance of intrapreneurship with focused case studies on Indian Companies, Kushal Kr Das, Focal Spinal Intramedullary Cysticercosis.

This also involves finite element analysis of sol-gel transition, wave propagation and heat transfer. Selection of best suited city for placement of a car pooling firm Cubito. Organised a two day workshop on “BioDesign: J Cancer Res Ther accepted on Oct Papers presented in Conferences: My senior design project was on analysis and optimization of dynamic performance of coriolis mass flow meter.


Feel free to visit my linkedinresearch gate and google scholar pages. World Curricukum of Surgical Oncology 5. Member Departmental Committee for development of M.

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Engineering Ethics [10]. Mission Statement – Danebury Avenue Surgery.

Determinants of fdi in developing and underdeveloped countries, Vivek Anand, Economic integration and factor flow mobility, Ramith Padaki Study of recessions in Thailand and Portugal, Kshamank Soni, Association of Breast Surgeons of India 5. You can add this document rpshan your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users.

Online publication at http: Econ C Macro Economics.

Curriculum Vitae – Dr. Rakesh Kumar Maurya

Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology 8. Her teaching interests include development economics, international economics, public policy, business environment and entrepreneurship. Return to the gold standard, Nachiket Kataria, This research will be very important in 3D-printing monitoring as it is crucial to understand the state of gelation as a hydrogel part is being printed. Entrepreneurship Education in India, Kirti Dahiya, Manufacturing Laboratory [33].


With Reference to Female Education Supervisor: Athens, Greece on Sept.

curriculum vitae roshan mishra

European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumors In Thyrocon Recent advances and controversies in thyroid cancer. Portfolio Risk Management, Romita Munshi, J Clin Oncol 30, suppl;abstr e Role of Telemedicine technology in Endocrine Surgery knowledge sharing oral presentation at International Surgical WeekHelsinki, August, Associated tracheostomy 9 v. American Thyroid Association 4. Tikoria ,Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship, Vol.

curriculum vitae roshan mishra

Diagnosis and Treatment Focus under Forty: Upload document Create flashcards. Nipple discharge during panel discussion on benign breast diseases.