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Yoshino contends that we are entering a new civil rights epoch, gripped by a new generation of discrimination he calls covering: That there is no reason for groups to cover:. Conversion is the ultimate demand for assimilation- while passing and covering leave the underlying identity relatively intact, conversion destroys it. It considers two areas in which the idea of accommodation is supposed to be recognized, religion and disability, and examines the pressures towards assimilation within those areas of law. He ponders, “why is it I am so comfortable covering my Asian identity? Finally, in the shortest section, the book looks at models of civil rights law.

Yoshino, writing in a poetic tone, shares personal anecdotes to help frame the larger, societal issues he covers later in the book. Archived from the original on He then came out to his mom. This involved a lesbian losing her job deputy personnel because of her sexuality and the boss finding out of her marriage to her partner. This assumes that all minorities are not proud of their identities and feel that they must hide it from society. Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films. The NY Times also believe that the book showed a personal search that can motivate all others to find their true selves.

Covering does not bore with intricate, Foucault-ian critical theory, but it does not present much resolution, either. While in Oxford, Yoshino had fallen in love.

covering kenji yoshino essay

The New York Times. After the context-setting opening chapter, the book divides into three parts. In other words, American Airlines punished Roberts for “flaunting” her African American-ness with hair braids, and fired her for failing to “cover” her racial identity with a mainstream hairstyle.

covering kenji yoshino essay

To cover is to tone down a disfavored identity to fit into the mainstream. Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films. Yoshino’s personal story inspires, and his use of memoir keeps his discussion fresh.


Covering by Kenji Yoshino

In America, Yoshino has mostly unconsciously “covered” his Asian heritage and “moved to the center of American society” but he wonders, “when will we live in a society where Americans will yoshiho central without feeling white” The law right now tends to prohibit only discrimination based on immutable traits. After a long day at Yale, the film crew traveled back to New York City for one final interview… Keenji to come.

Paperback US publication date: Homosexuals see this as “acting-straight” as heterosexuals see flamboyant acts as “acting-gay. Evidence of the shift is shown through the Supreme Court rulings in ‘s Lawrence v.

“Covering” – Valarie Kaur

Finally, in the shortest section, the book looks at models of civil rights ylshino. Though you do not doubt the fact you are homosexual, you also do not radically protest for it and show the world that you are gay.

covering kenji yoshino essay

This page was last edited on 28 Marchat Even if you are a straight, white male, you may still be obese, poor, depressed, or insecure about a part of yourself. As a first generation Japanese American, Yoshino would go back to Japan every summer, which was his parents’ attempt to preserve the Japanese culture in their children.

The chapter on sex-based covering is highly illuminating; it explores the experiences of professional women who may be under pressure to both cover and “reverse cover. This is a rather chilling observation. When Yoshino was sent by his parents to summer school in Japan where his grandparents lived in order to absorb Japanese culture, he found that he “passed Japanese language but flunked Japanese race” because race was defined by behavior as well as by physical traits.

When I hesitate before engaging in a public display of same-sex affection, I am not thinking of the state or my employer, but of the strangers around me and my own internal censor.


Covering by Kenji Yoshino – PopMatters

But it does not extend far enough to protect people who choose not to lose authentic parts of themselves by conforming.

He was unsure where he was from and felt like an outcast in both situations. The court ruled in favor of American Airlines. The law is vovering in effectiveness and appropriateness when it comes to covering: Mavis Staples has witnessed the great transformations that have been made in terms of race relations in American life.

Yoshino, Kenji: Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights

Afterwards, when a colleague cautions him to be “a homosexual professional” instead of “a professional homosexual”, [4] Yoshino begins to reflect on the concept of muting different identities. The most dreaded question he was asked was “Where are you from, really?

The bases for this imposition are pressures to conform and to assimilate. Also, a student in Oklahoma was suspended for wearing a headscarf in a public school. I believe we should adopt a group-based accommodation model to protect traditional civil rights groups from covering demands” [13]. This covering demand is the civil rights issue of our time. In sex-based covering there is both covering and reverse covering, being masculine when expected, while you are feminine, and vice versa.