• June 30, 2019

Reaching this goal requires curricular implementation in the sophomore year and beyond. The university will collect baseline data on each measure prior to implementing an INtopFORM improvement action, then collect subsequent data following implementation. National Commission on Library and Information Science. Journal of Educational Psychology, 82, 33— Each committee actively sought input from the university community through strategies including electronic surveys, meetings, retreats, and interviews. Grants may be used for any approved purpose, such as workshop expenses, supplies, guest speaker honoraria, technology purchases, temporary staff, or travel. ETSU will assess the attainment of these outcomes using several measures, described below.

The amount of information provided is sufficient for the purpose. Explanation provides the evidence, reasons, methods, criteria, assumptions or rationale for the claims we make and the conclusions we draw. Partnership for 21st Century Skills. In late spring the Provost charged a team of faculty recognized as outstanding teachers with the task of developing two or more proposals that identified specific learning domains to which the work of the QEP Theme Committee could be applied. Department of Labor stated that competencies for all entry-level employees should include acquiring information, using information, and working with a variety of technologies SCANS report, b. Because the Center for Postsecondary Research is currently revising the NSSE, the exact survey items to be used remain to be determined.

Students are eligible to register for the test as soon as they have completed 75 percent of their degree program. However, a majority preferred the information fluency proposal. Undergraduate Students I feel that enhancing information competence is important to every student at East Tennessee State University along with any other college.

The writing team completed the draft in mid-August. As discussed in the next section of this document, feedback from faculty, staff, students, and alumni shows that the university community values information fluency, and institutional assessment data reveal a need and an opportunity for improvement. To take advantage of this opportunity, East Tennessee State University pursued a deliberate, inclusive process for identifying the theme of its QEP.


california critical thinking skills test etsu

We will assess implementation of INtopFORM using indicators such as the number of participating faculty and programs of study, attendance at workshops and meetings, the number and kind of communications about information fluency at ETSU, and the number and quality of submissions to the INtopFORM Showcase. The university can also use the scores thibking this test to make degree programs for the university better.

california critical thinking skills test etsu

Tenure and tenure-track faculty, clinical and research faculty, lecturers, adjunct faculty, post-retirement faculty, and emeritus faculty are eligible. The student presents information completely. As access to information increases, evaluating information thoughtfully becomes even more important.

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The student clearly relates information to the larger purpose. A trained skilks seeker will not only be able to locate reliable information, but will also be interested in reviewing diverse viewpoints. In reviewing the theme proposals, it was evident that all three represented powerful engines for driving improvements in student learning. Nutrition Concentration Allied Health, B. The student uses several sources. The university is committed to helping every undergraduate student stay in college, succeed in college, and graduate.

Nonetheless, the data indicate a compelling need to strengthen elements of information fluency—seeking, analyzing and displaying information.

California critical thinking skills test

Improving teaching in higher education. A hallmark of excellence in information fluency is the ability to synthesize and coordinate complex information from diverse sources and perspectives.

What We Now Know. ETSU has a student population of over 15, including undergraduate, graduate and professional students.


california critical thinking skills test etsu

The plan has four components—introducing INtopFORM skills in the first year of college; enhancing INtopFORM mastery in undergraduate programs of study; awarding INtopFORM fellowships open to all faculty in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs; and creating a university-wide culture of excellence in information fluency. It will also create or acquire online instructional modules on selected Xkills skills which instructors can then require students to complete.

Social Science Research Council. I would welcome the opportunity to broaden as well as sharpen my fact-finding knowledge.

California test of critical thinking skills

In late spring the Provost charged a team of faculty recognized as skillz teachers with the task of developing two or more proposals that identified specific learning domains to which the work of the QEP Theme Committee could be applied.

The ongoing campaign will not only promote participation in specific INtopFORM initiatives; it will encourage all ETSU students and employees to pursue excellence in seeking, using and communicating information. Printed versus Internet plagiarism: Selection of the QEP Theme. Over the life of the QEP at least 60 programs of study will participate.

Educational Studies, 38, n. As described in the Invitation to Participate Appendix Bby the close of the first year each program of study will have completed the following tasks: Questions identify key issues to be resolved. We will also track compliance with the implementation calendar.

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