• June 30, 2019

So, thanks again for having the “hutzpa” to keep it real, give back and confirming my instinct that this qualifies as a “BS” SCAM!! Also, they didn’t look rich. I sat in the back of the meeting room. Come back and post here when you’ve made some real money. After the whole thing, I had this overwhelming feeling that I was being brainwashed to join a cult. Came back did some research and refused. I was just looking for a part time job, and this girl in my college asked me to meet her at our school

You sell overpriced products and recruit other gullible people to work for you. I was befriended by an Indian and these people have shamelessly tried to see this “Business” idea to me and my wife non Indian. It’s a matter of time before there’s no one left to add to the ‘pyramid’ and they start promising people money with no money to give. Plaster it all over the web. Can you blame my boyfriend and I? Or you stop using their services.

I was introduced to a similar meeting the day before yesterday In my view, it is a bad business model where the IBO will bleed financially and his family life is ruined, often beyond redemption, unless he quits soon enough.

More people need to know. Also Britt qmway on YouTube video he lives better than any star or athlete and blah blah. I just got tricked into joining this ‘business venture. I will not say that it doesn’t work because it has for some Stating, “If you’re skeptical, do we need to say anything but ‘Apple’, it speaks for itself”.


Is BWW (Amway) a scam? – Quora

Man if you are so much judgmental about multi million dollor bizsuggest one good opportunity which we can do in spare time, without Risk, without Investment, with guidance from who is already sucessful not amwzy. I have used up products within the and sent it back empty and amway did me my money no questions I did not have to pay shipping or restocking fee.

It isn’t the same for everyone. I want to stress the fact that you do not make money by sitting in your house and calling it a scam. You have every right to know what they are making. Too bad they’re giving with ill gotten gains at times.

bww amway business plan

I do not wish to start a business where I need to make my living by scamming my friends, businss, and other strangers. C to stay in a hotel for about 3 days, mealss and all including and not one cent more.

In any case, the Amway business is not entrepreneurial. I was sitting next to this guy who was nice and he asked me what kind of business I wanted to run and I was talking about starting my own company but this ambition I have always kept to myself til now.

The Truth About The Amway Global Opportunity: Is Amway and BWW A Scam?

I can go to Wikipedia and post an absolutely brilliant article on Amway Go-Bill and right back at you. My former upline has been in Amway about 20 years and he’s a physician and still hasn’t bought a house because he was taught to bww in cash.


They will always force you to seat in front while seminar New Bakra It was definitely creepy. This is for anonymous who talked about her daughter being approached in Milwaukee recently. Most of these people are your friends and relatives. Please respect the money and don’t use it for this bullshit. I can go on and on.

bww amway business plan

Amway, just like any other MLM business requires work, work ethic and consistency. What kind of business can you hope to build out of most people doing nothing amday quitting?

You have every right to know what they are making. The meeting itself was not very informative and I was still in the dark until I found this website.

2015 Amway Review | What To Consider Before You Join

How many hundreds of IBO’s have come here talking about Amway and success and eventually fading away into nowhere. Amway is one of the world most trusted and very beautiful business i ever saw.

bww amway business plan

The person considering Amway Global finds my article, clicks on it, reads through it and then decides to look at other companies besides Amway. I’m in Singapore, a small country in South East Asia and this thing just happened to busijess. They were looking for young, fresh out-of-college types looking to get into a business venture.