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More details can be obtained from: Give a full reference for all such ideas, following the referencing guidance provided by the School. Formal minutes of meetings will be taken, which will be presented to Board or Examiners BoE meeting. If, after reassessment, you still do not meet the minimum requirement for the award of a Masters degree you may be eligible for a lower award see ‘Other awards’, below. In any case the original may present a fuller and clearer picture of the material of interest. Chair’s action guidance Chair’s action proforma. Students should seek advice about their dissertation from their Brunel supervisor and arrange mutually appropriate meetings throughout the time of production of the dissertation.

Coursework submitted after the notified deadline will normally be subject to a penalty calculated in accordance with the following rules: Presentation of the Dissertation Dissertations should have double or 1. Plausible suggestions as to i possible future developments in the field, or ii to future experimental work to further advance the project — are included. Thus January intake students are given an extra 3 months to complete their dissertations after completion of the taught course. The penalty takes the form of a cap, which is applied after assessment of the work.

All students will be required to complete the Research Ethics Review Checklist and Risk assessment prior to the commencement of their project see attached forms later in this handbook. You will be taking one of these five Brunrl degrees. Failure to adhere to this advice may leave you open to an allegation of plagiarism 5.

If you have a grievance relating to assessment the first brynel is to contact the module block leader; this means you should attempt to resolve the matter at a local level within the Institute. Remember to use a consistent format style for headings and sub-headings and text throughout the report. A working day is here defined as Monday to Friday at any time of year, with the exception of UK national holidays if submission cannot be made in person to the submission point or through Blackboard Learn, submission must be made by post.



All tables and figures should have a title, brknel well cappung, have an explanatory legend placed below, and their source quoted. January intake students receive the same level of teaching, pastoral and administrative support as all other full-time students and where necessary, this will be extended further such as in the case of support for the dissertation element. Feedback on student work is provided by comprehensive notes brunrl by markers on coursework and exam scripts.

In this programme, we address the identified skills gaps by including compulsory module blocks on risk assessment, and regulation and legislation of chemicals, as well as experimental toxicology focusing on relevant toxicity studies and including a strong statistical component from the experimental design to data analysis.

The clarity of identification of the research aims.

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Many part time students begin their dissertation after the first year of study, as they may wish to attempt to complete their MSc in two years. Likewise, if a student could reasonably have foreseen the circumstances, they are unlikely to be accepted. Below is the plan written for the Institute for the Environment. This will allow the University to ensure that appropriate decisions are taken bruhel. Has the wording of all direct quotes been copied accurately?

Senate Regulation 4 defines the range of actions Boards of Examiners may take in response to accepted mitigating circumstances, as follows.

Quality of results and the clarity of their presentation 90 7.

brunel coursework capping

Independence The student displays a high degree of self-reliance as evidenced by a clear and coherent progress; student shows initiative and enthusiasm towards the project and experimental work picking up techniques rapidly and implementing them effectively. All submissions must be made using the Mitigating Circumstances Form appendix 13 available from the Institute for the Environment Office. Successful completion of only the taught part Credits of the programme will result in a PGDip.


The Institute for the Environment brrunel adopted a policy where only marks will be awarded at the element level of assessment. This cappong of plagiarism is more common. This checklist should be completed for every research project.

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The Term dates, showing vacation and examination periods, can be found in Appendix 1. The Advice and Representation Centre http: Details of these are provided in Appendix 2.

Logical developed argument Presentation confused 9. However, Brunel Level 4 credit is not included in the profile or calculation used to determine your eligibility for a Masters degree award.

Y N The completed Research Ethics Review Checklist MUST be attached to this brumel for dissertation approval — please discuss any ethical issues raised by your research with your supervisor. Scrutinise applications for minor modifications to programmes of study, including minor modifications to blocks modular, study, and assessment.

Coursework Submission Policy Assignment Submission Checklist Text matching services policy Summative assessment in groupwork Assessment protocol for undergraduate final year projects and taught masters dissertations Feedback — 5 core principles in providing and receiving assessment feedback.

Smith,there is a passage that describes the pollination of coureswork by bees. Are they supported by the findings presented? An assessment or module may be core for one award and non-core for another award. To monitor peer review, to promote and disseminate good practice of teaching in IfE.

brunel coursework capping