• June 30, 2019

Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School is the largest coeducational Jewish day school in the Baltimore metropolitan area, serving over children representing a broad spectrum of Jewish observance. Problem-solving is at the core of the program, and provides the essential foundation for advanced mathematics later on. There was no time to waste; we went straight to our first site. And excitement about this new curriculum is spreading…. Read more about Dr. About 2, campers participate in the program each summer.

This cemetery had survived the Holocaust. She also finds the focus on multi-step complex problem solving is central to every skill and concept discussion. I really like fencing. My family and I drove to New York and met the group there, and I was then on my way. Silver Yeshiva Academy is truly filled with some of the fondest memories of my childhood. Imagination, creativity, and innovation — essential skills no teaching organization can afford to ignore.

Koplovitz z”l taught my homewrok grade class in her last year of teaching, and we always felt privileged to be a part of that special class!

Youth camps build fitness skills to last a lifetime

Summer sports camps offering everything from fencing to water polo are as popular as ever for giving kids an introduction to new activities — or a chance to improve skills they already have. Read more about Dr. Using this innovative approach, each topic is covered in greater depth, reinforcing the concepts and utilizing multiple strategies to understand the same equations. Literature class in conjunction with the U. Whether in minyan or in the classroom, as part of interim week or holiday programming, the students created art to stimulate their intellectual curiosity or to encourage their inquisitiveness.


Naval Academy in Annapolis is host to several athletic summer camps, all taught by the school’s coaches. This cemetery had survived the Holocaust. I was very grateful for this and I look forward to another great year of learning and growing as a student at Cardin. The American Camping Association suggests asking camp directors the following questions before choosing a particular camp:. As in previous years, homedork commemoration concluded with student council officers leading tfipoh the planting of daffodil bulbs as a symbol of hope and renewal.

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It was a cemetery in Warsaw. Reading Multiple Books, by Dr. And if I get really interested in a specific book, I can always switch back to my old one-at-a-time strategy until I finish! Cardin School inaugurated its partnership program with Lincoln Center Institute supported by a generous grant from the Herbert Bearman Foundation. Dina Burcat Silver Academy graduate As students, we take several subjects at a time. After a marathon workshop in August, the iPads were rolled out during the first week of school.

The students created over 25 original works inspired by a Talmudic text and displayed them in a show entitled: Here is some of what PEJE said about the winners: And because we share them, I get to see the cute photos and things the first grader who shares my iPad made.

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Get your tickets today! It was truly the Yeshiva Academy that fostered my love of Jewish education and helped direct me toward a career in Jewish education and the Jewish community.


Have you considered a Baltimore Jewish Day School? Children in Kindergarten through eighth grade are now learning to use these tools to enhance their experience.

Youth camps build fitness skills to last a lifetime – Baltimore Sun

It was ingrained in my head who he was and why he was important. After that, we stayed our first night in Warsaw.

beth tfiloh homework

Imagination, creativity, and innovation — essential skills no teaching organization can afford to ignore. The Day School at Baltimore Hebrew responded to the offer, ever eager to bring best practices in education to its students.

Byun, a seventh-grader at Glenwood Ho,ework School, started taking fencing lessons last year through Howard County Recreation and Parks, which is offering the weeklong summer camp in which he is enrolled.

Fitness is a major part of the philosophy. Camps are also a fun way to get kids off the couch and into a physically challenging activity. In March I chose to take a different path than most teens for the summer.

beth tfiloh homework

Read the following musings from two-time Bram Stoker Award winner Dr. I had learned about Rabbi Moshe Isserles in school the year before. Ready to give it a tfjloh Eller, who is also chairman of the state’s Youth Camp Safety Advisory Council, advises parents to do their homework when choosing a summer program.