• March 25, 2020

Look at the first digit in the divisor and the first digit in the dividend. Word expression Algebraic expression Other ways of saying the word expression the sum of r and 3 the difference between r and 3 the product of r and 3 the quotient of r and 3 r3 r3 3r r3 3 added to r 3 subtracted from r r multiplied by 3 r divided by 3 3 more than r 3 less than r 3 times r 3 equal parts of r Complete the algebraic expression for each of the following word expressions. Split 28 into 30 2. Place the difference over the LCD. Split 28 into 20 8. Construct a table of what you know. Then move the decimal point two places to the right and add the percent sign.

Find the pattern in the table. You can state these operations in word expressions. How many packets will she make if she fills each packet with 60 beads? How many bags will he use for 7 bundles? What is the exponential notation for the number of spaces on the lot?

Each one is the sum of one three-fourths and one one-fourth.

Find the perimeter of the rectangle. Also check that you answered the right question. Find the least common denominator of the two fractions.

Two is the sum of one plus one.


Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

Calculate the volume, V, using the formula V l w h. How many shapes are there in the set? Count the total decimal places in both factors.

problem solving multiple step problems reteaching 8-5

In the estimate, we used numbers greater than the original numbers, so the answer is an overestimate. Construct cubes using 8 and 27 smaller cubes. You know 2 pt 1 reteaaching. Look back and check: Area side side A5m4m A 20 square meters 20 m2 A 42 cm 42 cm A 1, square centimeters 1, cm2 Reteaching Find the area of each figure. Front Side Top Reteaching There is one hidden cube.

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

Choose a variable to represent what you are trying to find. The factors have a total of three decimal places, so the product should have three decimal places. The school has 8 classrooms. The board is 1. It arrived at Progreso, Mexico, at How are they painted differently from each other? Explain how you decided.

Make a table to try different numbers and see which pair fits the problem. How much money did Gayle give? Round the quotient to the nearest hundredth.

problem solving multiple step problems reteaching 8-5

The place farthest to the right that contains a digit tells you the denominator of the fraction. Find the total number of miles Marcie walked. In the month of February, there are 28 days. What percent of her minutes did Denise use?


Samantha and her brother Jacob went out for pizza. So x can have any value less than 4.

If I convert milliliters to liters, there will be a smaller number of liters. Reasonableness Reteaching After you solve a problem, check to see if your answer is reasonable. Write the remaining numbers, lining up places.

problem solving multiple step problems reteaching 8-5

An inverse operation is an opposite—multiplication and division are inverse operations. Using patterns What is 70? Name Reteaching Multiplying Decimals by 10,or 1, You can use patterns to multiply decimals mentally by 10,and 1, Place the decimal point in the product with the correct total number of decimal places following it.