• March 25, 2020

She had me at red soled boots. Anyway, I have a beautiful home garage gym including a washer and dryer! Be careful what you say. Need to come back here ASAP! Tim, please do an Episode 2 with Debbie.

Tim — I am new to your blog and podcasts, but after just a few months of listening and reading The Four Hour Workweek, you have me hooked. Wealthfront is a massively disruptive in a good way set-it-and-forget-it investing service, led by technologists from places like Apple and world-famous investors. Hand it out to your real-life friends, too! I have decided to open an e-commerce store and would like to find a mentor or coach who could assist me with some questions on the initial set-up. A Tale of the Once and Future Nutcracker. I had to make it happen.

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What kind of house creafive you in? My 10 year plan has 9 full pages of what I like a day to look like in the future.

When her inner negative voice whispers doubts and insecurities, she voices them out loud. You are commenting using your Twitter account. What are you making?

It tears up long buried childhood pains and abuse. I think this distinction alone can help people to feel writijg if they can take on something new. Absolutely the best episode!


creative writing ualbany

Thanks to Alex H for writing out the 10 year plan. Click on names for more information.

creative writing ualbany

Tim — superb interviewing skills with this writinh as always; x10 with this one. I confused Debbie Millman and Whitney Cummings. When are you coming to San Diego? The Literary Legacy of William Kennedy. Thank you for sharing yourself with the podcast, and know that you have been a tremendous force for good in the world! Wow what an amazing woman!

How to Design a Life – Debbie Millman (#214)

Thank you thank you! It was very refreshing to listen to her honesty.

Tim, I love your podcast and am willing to read Tools of Titans. She seems like a very likable person. Just want you to know this podcast at least made a huge impact on one of your listeners, thanks for doing what you do!

Albany Book Festival Sept. ,

I love you both! What is that day like for you? It’s a city of books.

A punch in the nose of profundity here, thank you so much Debbie. You did a fantastic job listening, delving deeper, and respecting Debbie when she brought up deep topics. Debbie is so honest about success and rejection.


Martin Nakell Creative writing Like Liked by 19 people. For the ocean surfing and its eclectic searching soul, I left London from San Francisco six years ago and that decision explains much… Part II please! I feel goose bumps with excitement and was left with a confidence that my dreams really will be my reality. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here That was my goal. Start by describing the uzlbany day…. Please interview Derren Brown.

I started my career in graphic design and buried myself in my work at a young age to escape a similar upbringing.