• October 9, 2019

Economic Development and Northern Prosperity: CanNor carried out analytical work to identify infrastructure and labour market needs as they relate to proposed major resource development projects, and developed community infrastructure profiles to better identify strengths and opportunities. Effective performance measurement data provides critical information needed for the successful delivery of contribution programming. Through specific activities, such as strategic and sectoral partnerships, engagement, awareness and opportunities workshops, and agenda management, CanNor aims to align economic development activities in the North in a more effective manner and to advance northern industrial sectors e. Community Development Sub-Program 1. As identified in the Management Action Plan Endnote 4 which was developed in response to an audit conducted by the Office of the Auditor General OAG in , CanNor has addressed concerns raised regarding contribution programs delivery. These forums allow representatives from the federal, territorial and regulatory boards to convene and discuss issues related to the review process.

Actively engaging with partners in the North, maintaining a well-informed workforce, and policy and research efforts all help to foster in-depth understanding of the changing northern economic context which provides a foundation for the Agency’s work. This approach is reflected in how often a CanNor investment is supplemented by that of a partner. Given the complex and fast-changing economic conditions which are unique to each territory, it is important for the Agency to maintain a strong understanding of economic dynamics. Northern business and community development interests are increasingly reflected in federal economic policies, programs and regulations. In , a much larger than normal number of contribution payments were accrued, accounting for the large increase in total liabilities.

Given the complex and fast-changing economic conditions which are unique to each territory, it is important for the Agency to maintain a strong understanding of economic dynamics. The CNIM project funding, coupled with the proposal-driven nature of contribution funding, accounts for under-spending in this Sub-Program.

To this end, NPMO met with communities to develop community readiness plans and signed seven community readiness agreements. The Community Readiness Initiative, developed by the NPMOhelps communities plan and prepare for major resource development prior to projects moving through the regulatory process.


At the same time, weak mineral exploration activities, coupled with steady level of exports, contributed to the reduction of the trade deficit in the North.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – Departmental Performance Report

Partners may experience capacity or operational challenges and this can increase the risk to the shared goals of all partners. Footnotes Footnote 1 Type is defined as follows: NPMO also partners with communities to foster their readiness to maximize the positive impacts of these projects, while working collaboratively to minimize and mitigate risks.

Federal Framework for Aboriginal Economic Development. OpSTART tracks project performance, produces reports on the status of projects, and tracks service standards. The expected results of the project include improved operational procedures, frameworks for working together and capacity of the organizations; enhanced opportunity readiness; and effective governance at the community level.

Particular focus was placed on developing measurable performance indicators and expected outcomes.

aandc departmental business plan

CanNor provided significant financial and policy support during the development of the ” Northern Connectivity — Ensuring Quality Communications” report. MOUs with each of these organizations are in place and reviewed annually. Percentage of CanNor’s investments into economic infrastructure studies that lead to infrastructure projects within 5 years. CanNor funding provided assistance to an Aboriginal entrepreneur for the development of a business plan and valuation to acquire an established seamstress business in Whitehorse.

While the Agency has sought client satisfaction feedback in the past in relation to other Programs and Sub-Programs, no such structured feedback was sought in in terms of Policy performance.

aandc departmental business plan

I invite you to read further about the Agency’s collaboration with bussiness partners as we work to help develop and diversify the economy and support northern prosperity. Policy, Advocacy and Coordination Sub-Program 1.

Its clarifies the Agency’s priorities, programs and activities in a broader context, against the backdrop of ongoing and anticipated economic opportunities and challenges, while providing insights into essential partnerships and initiatives that CanNor can lead or coordinate to ensure progress towards common goals.

Business Development and Program 1. It does this by delivering economic development programs, undertaking policy and research, and collaborating with and aligning the efforts of other federal departments, territorial governments, Aboriginal organizations, awndc industry.


ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – 2013-14 Departmental Performance Report

Disruptions in global economic growth can weaken demand for commodities exported from the North. Percent of project agreements provided to federal regulators within 1 month of the project being submitted for screening with a northern regulatory board.

Type is defined as follows: Northern Connectivity — Ensuring Quality Communications report. Supports the growth and expansion of northern businesses, including small and medium enterprises, through training, advisory services, and grants and contributions. Just last year, the territories’ economy grew by 4.

aandc departmental business plan

The program is comprised of departemntal streams: This Web page has been archived on the Web. CanNor strategically targets key existing, expanding and emerging sectors in order to leverage the growth potential of established activity such as resource extraction, while encouraging development of smaller sectors such as tourism and cultural industries.

A strong focus was placed on providing analysis and recommendations on new and amended legislation to government partners, as well as providing key information and analysis to industry stakeholders on the impact of these changes p,an major resource development projects.

Through numerous engagements, meetings departmenhal submissions, CanNor helped to ensure that the design of the New Building Canada Fund would reflect the northern reality of shortened construction seasons and infrastructure priorities that are different from those of large, southern urban centers. The Agency’s pan-northern perspective and knowledge of the North are at the core of its efforts to champion the economic interests of the North within and outside the federal government.

The northern workforce lacks many of the skills needed by business and industry, and most of the small industry associations or demographic groups have limited capacity to serve their members’ needs.